Against Fouling
Product Name: Barnacle ProTX™

The type and number of ship bottom deposits such as barnacles, oysters, bryozoans and mussels vary depending on the properties of the paint, hue, brightness, time, seawater temperature, salinity, etc. It is difficult to attach when the water is flowing, but it attaches and proliferates at an accelerated rate while moored. Hydrolyzable antifouling paint is designed to have a soft coating surface and prevents adhesion by a mechanism that slides off larvae such as barnacles due to the navigation speed and wave resistance of the ship. Barnacle ProTX™, an additive for barnacle barnacles, has been added to hydrolyzed ship bottom paints so that it does not affect the environment even when the ship is berthed or moored (when the water that contacts the ship bottom is not flowing). Barnacle ProTX™ prevents adhesion of bottom deposits.